Rented Property in Noida

The word of 'Assured Return Property In Noida' in Real estate is impassioned from banks' Fixed Deposits (FD) as FDs are intended as the reliable option by the people to invest their hard-earned money as they provide timely returns on maturity and are a good source of contractual income with a fixed ROI (rate of interest )

But investing money in an assured return under construction property is sometime a risky venture, hence, to avoid this you can go with already rented property for which you will get assured return instantly with the appreciation of the property as well. Hence, investing in rented property is a good investment strategy requires a right mix of safe and profitable investments.

Rented property in Indian Real Estate is the fixed monthly return given by the lessee (tenant) on the amount invested by a person. These already rented properties can be like space in Business Park/IT Park (Given to MNC), Malls / Shopping Plaza`s (Given to Brand Outlets), Studio/ Service Apartments (Given to MNC Employee's) , etc.

Sometimes , Assured Return Projects In Noida on Under construction Property is like a dream seen from open eyes which could be smashed at any moment , but rented Property fulfill your that dream without any risk of shatter .Hence, a purchaser should remain watchful throughout the process to save his coins from the fraudulence.

Rented Property Example: Let's suppose if MNC companies having a rent of 1 lac p/m, and the price of the property is about 1.50cr, then you will be getting the 8% of return p/a from the day one.

assured return property

A wise person always invests in rented property as a second step after owing his house to get easy and profitable fixed income.

USP's of Rented Property in Noida

  • People get high return of investment from low risk with rented property.
  • People get certain income from better ROI which they can invest in other project to earn more profit.
  • Noida is having commercial and industrial hub both located to a good location with a residential area minimum distance reach.
  • Noida rented prospects are high as developing at a good pace.
  • Transportation is good in Noida via Metro , cabs , Buses , etc.

  • Sector 18/2100 sqft/ National Bank/12 year Lease @ Demand --5.75% Return per annum

    Sector 18/1050 Sqft/MNC/6 years Lease @ Demand -- 7.5% Return Per Annum

    Sector 18/2100 Sqft/National Bank/15 years Lease @ Demand – 5.80% Return

    GIP Mall /920 Sqft/Branded Cloth Showroom/2nd Floor/9 Years Lease/3 years Lock in @ Demand –2.6 Cr.

    CSM Mall/500 Sqft/MNC/GF/Ground Floor/ @ Demand 1 Cr.

    Sector 18/4000 sqft/National Bank/15 Year Lease @ Demand 6.75 Cr


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